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Success Strategies Kit WatchMinder3
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Success Strategies for the CrazyBusy
You may thrive in an atmosphere of high adrenaline, high energy, and high excitement. But if you find yourself going the next step further, when you become so busy that you’re not enjoying much of anything and feeling chronically frustrated, you have what attention deficit disorder expert Edward Hallowell, M.D., calls “culturally induced ADD.” If you find yourself pulled in a million different directions, here's your opportunity to take back control and get more done than ever before!

CD Version - 6 Compact Discs/PDF Workbook - $89.95
MP3 Version - 6 Sessions in MP3 format - $75.95

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Simple. Programmable. Discreet.
This vibrating reminder wristwatch for children and adults with ADHD will privately guide you through your day.
It's simple to use and a helpful tool to keep you focused.

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Married to Distraction Answers to Distraction
Our Price: $7.33
Our Price: $73.00
Are you more distant from your spouse than you’d like to be? Do you sometimes get into big struggles over what amount to mere administrative details? Do you or your spouse waste time “screensucking”—mindlessly viewing email or surfing the Web? Welcome to the club! Modern marriage is busy, distracted, and overloaded to extremes, with ever-increasing lists of things to do, superficial electronic connections, and interrupted moments. Now Edward M. Hallowell, teams up with his wife, Sue George Hallowell, a couples’ therapist, to explain the subtle but dangerous toll today’s overstretched, undernurtured lifestyle takes on our most intimate relationship.

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Millions of adults and children are discovering that the reason they can't seem to get organized, stop procrastinating, sit still, pay attention, and finish what they started is not a lack of self-discipline but, rather, an inborn neurological condition: Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD.

From the authors of "Driven to Distraction" -- their bestselling study of Attention Deficit Disorder -- here is the new book that provides essential information for all those concerned with ADD: the estimated 15 million Americans suffering from it, their families and friends, and concerned professionals.

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ADHD Parent Manual with ImpactADHD The Power of a Positive No: How to Say No and Still Get to Yes
Our Price: $37.00
Our Price: $25.00
ADHD Parent Manual with ImpactADHD
Do you ever wish your ADHD child came with operating instructions?

Do you wish you had a structure to guide in parenting your ADHD child?
If you want to be able to handle whatever life throws at you with a calm attitude and a confident response,
watch this short, powerful video and learn how to use ImpactADHD's Parenting Action Model to manage the challenges in your home.

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Based on William Ury’s celebrated Harvard University course for managers and professionals, The Power of a Positive No offers concrete advice and practical examples for saying No in virtually any situation. Whether you need to say No to your customer or your coworker, your employee or your CEO, your child or your spouse, you will find in this book the secret to saying No clearly, respectfully, and effectively.