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Crazybusy Online Video Seminar featuring Dr. Hallowell produced by Gazelle's Growth Institute WORRY
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In this 40-minute online video seminar by the Gazelle Growth Institute, Dr. Edward Hallowell, an expert in Learning Differences and the Entrepreneurial mind, provides an in-depth seminar that helps you manage a life in which there is more to do than time to do it!

Learn the strategies to manage life so it doesn't manage you! Don't waste time, get things done, and still be happy!"

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Here is the first book to explore every facet of the most common and debilitating emotional state: worry. This book is the key. Filled with practical solutions and insightful guidance, Worry is an invaluable aid to living a happier, calmer, and more rewarding emotional life.

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WatchMinder3 SHINE
Our Price: $18.40
Simple. Programmable. Discreet.
This vibrating reminder wristwatch for children and adults with ADHD will privately guide you through your day.
It's simple to use and a helpful tool to keep you focused.

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Your job as a manager is getting harder all the time. But your most critical responsibility—especially in today’s world of intensifying competition—is how to help your people shine their brightest.

How do you inspire solid contributors to strive for more? What should you do if a star player falls off their game?

In Shine, bestselling author, psychiatrist, and ADD expert Edward Hallowell draws on brain science, performance research, and his own experience helping people maximize their potential to present a proven process for getting the best from your people.

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Delivered from Distraction A Totally Uncut Interview with Dr. Ned Hallowell
Our Price: $15.79
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In 1994, Driven to Distraction sparked a revolution in our understanding of attention deficit disorder. Widely recognized as the classic in the field, the book has sold more than a million copies. Now a second revolution is under way in the approach to ADD, and the news is great. Drug therapies, our understanding of the role of diet and exercise, even the way we define the disorder�all are changing radically. And doctors are realizing that millions of adults suffer from this condition, though the vast majority of them remain undiagnosed and untreated. In this new book, Drs. Edward M. Hallowell and John J. Ratey build on the breakthroughs of Driven to Distraction to offer a comprehensive and entirely up-to-date guide to living a successful life with ADD.

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"I’m here to tell you, there’s no diagnosis in the world that can change a person’s life more dramatically for the better than the diagnosis of adult ADD…” - Ned Hallowell

Join a powerful conversation with legendary ADHD expert Dr. Ned Hallowell. These are mind expanding, paradigm shifting ideas.
Ned offers profound advice on dozens of topics: from medication, emotion, and women's issues, to using ADHD in service of your life goals. Presented with Ned's trademark humour, warmth, and humanity.

Dr. Hallowell is the best selling author of Driven to Distraction, Delivered from Distraction, Worry, Superparenting for ADD, Shine, Crazy Busy, The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness, Answers to Distraction, A Walk in the Rain with a Brain, Married to Distraction, Connect, Dare to Forgive, Learning Outside The Lines, and Finding the Heart of the Child.