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Never Worry Alone Coffee Mug Parenting with Impact: Dr. Hallowell’s Keys to Unlocking ADHD
Our Price: $14.99
Our Price: $47.00
Never Worry Alone Coffee Mug Parenting with Impact: Dr. Hallowell’s Keys to Unlocking ADHD
Never Worry Alone
Toxic worry is rampant in the world today, because people are so disconnected. They’re connected electronically, but they’re disconnected inter-personally, so they don’t have the prime antidote to toxic worry, which is another person. My first rule of worry control is never worry alone.

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A Video and a Parent Training all rolled into one. You will receive…
  • A video Download with 4 videos in 1
  • Strategies to implement right away
  • A workbook covering the 4 key topics discussed
  • Questions and exercises to personalize your learning
  • Bonus! 30 minute audio interview with Dr. Hallowell
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Success Strategies Kit Mining Magnificent Minds for Teachers
Our Price: $75.95
Our Price: $49.95
Success Strategies Kit Mining Magnificent Minds for Teachers
Success Strategies for the CrazyBusy
You may thrive in an atmosphere of high adrenaline, high energy, and high excitement. But if you find yourself going the next step further, when you become so busy that you’re not enjoying much of anything and feeling chronically frustrated, you have what attention deficit disorder expert Edward Hallowell, M.D., calls “culturally induced ADD.” If you find yourself pulled in a million different directions, here's your opportunity to take back control and get more done than ever before!

CD Version - 6 Compact Discs/PDF Workbook - $89.95
MP3 Version - 6 Sessions in MP3 format - $75.95

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Mining Magnificent Minds (MMM)

As a teacher, you devote countless hours ensuring that lesson instructions are designed to meet the needs of each child. The needs of students with ADHD often do not fit neatly into recognized learning styles and many teachers have not been professionally trained to recognize or address these specific needs.

Mining Magnificent Minds (MMM) is a series of original, online videos, each 15 to 20 minutes long, designed to train teachers on how to effectively manage ADHD in the classroom.

MMM is intended to deepen educators’ understanding of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; sharpen their skills for working with students with ADHD; and provide them with the tools to “unwrap the gifts” that lie inherent of every child.

Video Series includes:

    • What these kids need most
    • What is ADHD
    • How to explain ADHD to parents & children
    • How to manage ADHD in the classroom
    • Different roles in managing ADHD
    • Various alternative treatments
    • The role of medication
    • 5-Step method to bring out the best
    • A walk in the rain with a brain

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Because I Come From A Crazy Family The Making Of A Psychiatrist iLs Dreampad
Our Price: $28.00
Because I Come From A Crazy Family The Making Of A Psychiatrist iLs Dreampad
When Dr. Edward “Ned” Hallowell was eleven, a voice out of nowhere told him he should become a psychiatrist. A mental health professional of the time would have called this psychosis. But he took it in stride, despite not quite knowing what “psychiatrist” meant. With a psychotic father, alcoholic mother, abusive stepfather, and two so-called learning disabilities of his own, Ned was accustomed to unpredictable behavior from those around him, and to a mind he felt he couldn’t always control. The voice turned out to be right.

Because I Come from a Crazy Family, tells the often strange story of a childhood marked by what he calls the “WASP triad” of alcoholism, mental illness, and politeness, and explores the wild wish, surging beneath his incredible ambition, that he could have saved his own family of drunk, crazy, and well-intentioned eccentrics, and himself.

It’s scheduled to be released June 12, 2018.

A good night’s sleep is not a luxury, it’s a necessity!

The Dreampad is a revolutionary sleep technology for reducing stress and improving sleep .

The Dreampad’s soothing music activates your body’s relaxation
response, allowing your mind and body to relax… and to sleep.

The Dreampad’s patented music technology delivers music directly from the pillow to your inner ear. As a result, only the user is able to hear the music. Great for all ages!

Visit the Dreampad website to read about supporting research, including a peer-reviewed study by Columbia University in 2016, feedback from families and clinicians, and how to order.

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